Windham Public Library

217 Windham Center Road, Windham, Maine 04062
(Phone) 207-892-1908 ; (Fax) 207-892-1915

Library and Curbside are open
Monday, Wednesday: 10am-7pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 10am-6pm
Friday, Saturday: 9am-4pm

Special hours or closings will be posted on homepage.

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Endowment Gifts/Donations

Gifts “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of”

The Windham Public Library appreciates and encourages donations to its acquisition fund.  Individuals, groups, and businesses are welcome to make contributions to the library to purchase books, movies, CDs, library furniture, or other needed items. In this way, you may celebrate a special person/occasion or honor the memory of a loved one while also supporting the library.  Please contact the Library Director, Jen Alvino, for information on how to make such a contribution.


Donating materials is a great way to support the library!  Donated items are reviewed by library staff and we occasionally add them to the collection. Items not entered into the collection are put in our ongoing book sale or sent off to an organization called Better World Books (BWB). BWB reuses and recycles the items that we send and also supports literacy efforts and libraries. Funds raised through our ongoing sale and a percentage of the BWB sales go to the Friends of Windham Public Library.

Here are some helpful guidelines to follow when making your donation:

What to donate

Almost any item on any subject or style, as long as it is in decent condition. Due to limited space, we accept one bag or box of donations at a time. Examples of what we take:

  • Books– hardcover and paperback; novels and non-fiction; for any age; in any language
  • DVDs– popular and documentary; for any age; in any language
  • Audio CDs– novels and non-fiction; for any age; in any language
  • Music CDs– for any age; in any language

What not to donate

Library staff go through the donations on a regular basis.  Following these guidelines of what not to donate would be very helpful to them.

  • Any item that is moldy, dirty, or damaged
  • Sets of encyclopedias
  • College textbooks
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed books
  • Cassettes
  • Video tapes (VHS)

Where to donate

Please bring items to the Circulation Desk during our business hours and let a staff person know that they are donations. We request that you don’t place donations in the bookdrop or leave them in front of the building after-hours. If you need assistance bringing items in, or have need of a cart to carry them, please speak to a staff member.

Questions about donating: contact the Library Director, Jen Alvino, at 207-892-1908 ext 9.

Thank you for your generosity!