Windham Public Library

217 Windham Center Road, Windham, Maine 04062

MON, WED : 10am - 7pm

TUES, THUR, FRI : 10am - 6pm

SAT : 10am - 4pm

Special hours or closings will be posted on homepage

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Teen Booklists

adventureBT awardwinningBT books2moviesBT
 classicBT  fantasyBT  friendshipsBT
 funnyBT  greatgirlBT  guyBT
 historicalficBT  idontreadBT  mystery button
 books and the word non-fiction  realisticficBT  romanceBT
 scaryBT  The word "Sports" and a basketball player  supernaturalBT
 SurvivalButton  vampiresBT  zombiesbutton